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Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors


Nancy Turner in memory of Jack Bishop.  Because of him.

Mare Jarvis / Michael Meyer

“Triple Crown” – $5,000

Candice Bloom

AXIS, Inc.

“Winner's Circle” – $2,500+

Litton E.S. Field and Nancy T. Field Foundation

“Solid Horse” – $1,000+

Brenda, Brian, Mara Teter and Daniel Kiral in memory of Monarch, Astrid and Kizz

John Hill and Tamyra Freeman

Jean Larson / Star Trax Trakehners

Lorraine Maxim

Cynthia Hays / Wintervale Ranch

In honor of our beloved horses Legacy and Cayenne who have left us to join the herd of ancestors and are deeply missed. Many thanks to This Old Horse for giving us a chance to join their mission to love and care for all horses.

George Metzger:  For Patrick and Gypsy

Brian and Katherine Donald

Jerry and Bonnie LaBat

  “Money Rider” – $500 +

Gordon and Kirsten Storlie

Tom Rhode / Red Jack Saddle Club

“Break Maiden” – $250 +

Mary Malkerson

Minnesota Paint Horse Association

Suzi Wittlief in honor of Princess JJ

Greenwell Realty

Jeff Hughes

"The Backside" – Up to $249 

Gretchen Eaton in memory of Bucky, Tigger, Ziggy and Dot

Susan and Vincent Bologna: For Patrick and Gypsy

Becca Scott in memory of my Billy

Becca Scott: In loving memory of Diane Bipes

Becca Scott: For Imagery and I would like to THANK all the TOH staff and volunteers 

 Furlong Sponsors – $100

  Red Jack Ranch in memory of Roger McCloud

Audrey Lidke in memory of my horse Zipps Perfect Chip, aka Millie

Derby and Harley Jo will forever be walking with us

Danette Colin in honor of the volunteers of This Old Horse

Anna and Elisabeth Duffy for Stella and Bonbon

Jane Gerber in honor of Warrior, Chief & Lieutenant and in memory of Sarge

Suzi and Cathi in memory of Hustler

Kris Root in memory of Painter; my first Paint show horse, a talented and handsome black and white paint horse

Ginny Staudt in memory of Gypsy

Patrick Metzger in memory of Gypsy

Beverly Bower in memory of Gypsy

Beverly Bower / Belle Haven Farm in loving memory of Medina Spirit

William Kramlinger in honor of Pat Kramlinger's birthday

Pat Galles: Loving Maree, blessed to have Wizard

Jennifer Burlingame for Kevin, world's greatest pony!!

Jean Grimes / Mary Kay:  Gigi, Gracie and Joey (d.2020) #loveisgood

Theresa Harris:  Love you.  Mean it, Linda Lou!

Melanie Wahlquist in memory of Dallas

Diane Doheny: Sara and Bail

Robert Harri:  Rest in peace, Doc.  A great horse.

Roberta Duffy

Heidi Oxford:  In memory of Gypsy

Bonnie Grzeskowiak: For Violet

Rhonda Arendt: In memory of Susie Beasley

Jean Larson / Trakehner Association of North America (TANA) in memory of Kirov, so beautiful and gone to soon.  We will never forget this lovely Trakehner stallion.

Jean Larson / Trakehner Association of North America (TANA):  For Caressa, the most beautiful Trakehner mare ever! We will always remember her grace and beauty.

Susan Duffy and Myron Anderson

Suzi & Cathi in memory of Hustler

Michelle Hewitt:  Derby and Harley Jo will forever be walking with us

Teresa Doran:  I miss you my Bunners! Run Free!

Becca Scott for my OTTB Imagery

Kim Jorgensen in honor of Bronken Creek for Donnie and Marie

Kyla Durnford

Marcia Teigen

Daniel Nixon:  Team Paavo!

Tom Rhode in honor of Peacock Cowboy

Toni Blaha in honor of Amy, Gypsy and Lightning

Luanne Miller in memory of Cheryl

Patty Germaine celebrating Fiona's 25th birthday

Pat Holmgren in memory of Buckshot, a special horse with a big heart

Susan Schmidt:  Remembering Timmy

Schmitt Training Center:  GF Raushana

TOH / CBR Volunteers Unrun in memory of BB 💗

Karina and Mathilde Crockett in memory of June Dingo

Katie Long:  Remembering dear Jack who sent sweet Boo to me

Linda Hughes in memory of Oliver

Mary Turner Maher remembering Levi and ever grateful for Bunny.

Tom Rhode honoring Ruby Tuesday

Melissa Warfield: I'm a Justice Boy

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