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Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors


Nancy Turner in memory of Jack Bishop.  Because of him.

Tom Rhode / Red Jack Ranch 


“Triple Crown” – $5,000+

AXIS, Inc.


“Solid Horse” – $1,000+

Jean Marie Larson

Litten E.S. Field and Nancy T. Field Foundation

Hackett Living Trust in memory of my husband 

Char and John Schabinger

  “Money Rider” – $500 +

Claudia Goebel

Meg and Steve Heinz

Lou Ambrose for the amazing Sunday evening feeding crew who are dedicated and delightful. 

Michael Cronin

Becca Scott for my OTTB Imagery

John & Cyndie Hays / Wintervale Ranch:  Legacy and Cayenne:  Miracle Makers

Pat Galles in memory of Wizard

JC Lawncare Service for Toni, Jeanne, Ginny, Heidi, Becky, Robin and so many more

Deborah Polzin

Lois Berens

Myron Anderson and Roberta Duffy

Suzi Wittlief

Mark Tyselling for Boo's Team

St. Croix Valley Feed Group In loving memory of our sweet girls Peepers and Belle.

You will be in our hearts forever.’

“Break Maiden” – $250 +

Tom Rhode / Red Jack Ranch for Bella at Claddagh

Horace E. Lipps

Minnesota Paint Horse Association

Jean Larson

Ruth Rensink

"The Backside" – Up to $249 

 Mike and Dan Spieker

Lynne Pomeranz Fine Art Photography

Mary Pat Maracle

Ann Romberg

Patti Nash

Jeanne Klein

Thomas Rhode

Katie Long

Theresa Lippert

Mary Ann Bushard

Sheri Pederson

Rachel Mottet

Gene Wood

Linda Geraghty

Mary Jo Towle

Norma Jorgensen

Laurie Johnstone

Rebecca Marx

Michael Majerle

Amanda Collins

Jamie Stonehouse

Shari McCormick

Diane Sewell

Al Johnson

Jessica Schwan

Edith Vargas

Diedre Vaughan

Libby Kueppers

Moira Heinicke

Elizabeth Bruber

Maureen Anderson

Mary Scheffler

Lorilee Fink

Jennifer Hodges

Emily V.

 Furlong Sponsors – $100

Eaton's Leanin' Tree Farm in memory of Bucky, Tigger & Stormy.

Diane Doheny for Sweet Sara

Kristen Ringham in memory of Sihaja

Kathleen Long in memory of Jack, my beautiful therapeutic riding horse

Dan Nixon for Paavo's Place in Solon Springs, WIsconsin

Becca Scott:  In loving memory of all the horses who

are no longer with us.

Becca Scott:  In honor of Imagery and all the horses at TOH

Mare Jarvis in honor of Shelbea, wild Mustang mare

Becca Scott:  In loving memory of my Billy

a little 9 music co.:  For Dr. Pangloss 2014-2024,  

the best of all possible dogs.

Jeff &  Jean Stottlemyer: To Cameron Mahlum for his years of dedicated

service to the Minnesota horse racing industry.

Becky Robb Hotzler :  Oscar-Miles and Soren Ray--we love you!!

Couzens Lansky Law Firm: for Buddy

Luanne Miller in memory of Babe

The Harris Squad:      Many thanks to Nancy and Linda

for their time and devotion to such a worthy cause.

Trish Gray For Tokata and Willy.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful souls to create beautiful memories.

Red Jack Ranch in memory of Roger McCloud

Mare Jarvis in honor of Frost

Mary Turner Maher who loved Levi and Bunny.

Red Jack Ranch in memory of Roger McCloud

Nancy Turner in memory of Mary Turner Maher.

From all of us at Lindy Hill Rescue in loving memory of Ginger

Rhonda Arendt in memory of Susie Beasley

Tom Rhode in memory of Luc

Mare Jarvis in honor of Lambo

Tom Rhode in memory of Ruby Tuesday

Annette Hawkins

Alpine Matheson in memory of beloved childhood pony Appy.

Shelly Wilson: Remembering Cheyenne, Rose and Journey

Shawn Paul:  Sunflower Ranch and Break Away Women in heartbroken memory of of Toby and Lucky: two of my TOH adoptees. And remembering BB. The first horse we lost and who taught me so much.  I hope you are all thundering across the meadows and eating all the wildflowers you can see.

Susan Schmidt: Remembering Timmy Gregor

Beverly Bower / Gentle Souls Sanctuary in loving remembrance of Daniel.   God bless you, This Old Horse, for loving giving him the love and compassion he so richly deserved.  I love you, Daniel. You'll be forever in my heart❤️

Cindy Doffing / Duff's Tavern

Cathie Horejsi: Thank you to all the volunteers that help make this happen.

Mel Wahlquist: For Beau and Baloo

Mare Jarvis in remembrance of Cassidy

Cynthia Sporcic for Peter Gelao who loved without limits, supported my dreams,

helped me daily feed horses and made my dream of owning a horse a reality.  

Love and miss you, Pop!

Noah Borowiak for Oscar

Melissa Warfield: Team Paavo

Jane Hogan for Mimi's grandchildren:  Daven, Hannah, Aksel,

Charlotte and Samantha

Melissa Warfield: Team Paavo

Judy Wiederhold for BEAUTY, beloved horse of my youth & my dreams!

Sandra Pedersen FurEver Farm Rescue for Honeybee:  My first wonderful, beautiful horse. She showed me just how much a horse could love.

Mary Finley for Finbar and Boo ❤️

Elisabeth Duffy for Stella and the amazing volunteers I get to work with--

See you soon!

Soren Staarup for Ambaronbellpocopine

Missie Staarup for Fiona Red Mare

Mary Murphy in honor of Gate Swinger

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