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Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors


Nancy Turner in memory of Jack Bishop.  Because of him.

Tom Rhode / Red Jack Ranch 

“Triple Crown” – $5,000+

AXIS, Inc.

Ellison Family Charitable Gift Fund

The Culp Family Foundation

Brenda Teter 

Mare Jarvis

Candace Bloom

“Winner's Circle” – $2,500+

David Leslie in memory of Chris Klein 

Minnesota Jaycees

“Solid Horse” – $1,000+

David and Donna Martens in memory of Addy

Jorgenson Family Charitable Trust

John and Char Schabinger Family Fund

Elizabeth Stauber Johnson: For Magnolia in memory of Wish for Zippo

Jeanne Marie Larson

Wintervale Ranch

  “Money Rider” – $500 +

 Magnusson Veterinary Services

Steven Bonner / The Bonner Komar Frigon Ludwig families

Meg and Steve Heinz

Melissa Gootee celebrating Montana

Lauralee Umphries celebrating Colleena

Roger and Linda Ferrell

Kathleen Johnson in memory of Wish for Zippo

Brenda Eng

Becca Scott

Trakehner Association of North American in special recognition of Kirov

Claudia Goebel in loving memory of my dad Alvin

Barb and Jerry Hinrichs for Buck and JP

Minnesota Horsemens Benevolent and Protective Foundation

Fury Motors

Mary Frenzel


“Break Maiden” – $250 +

Tom and Stephanie Peterson

Minnesota Thoroughbred Association: 

Our care continues beyond the racetrack

Pat Galles for all the horses who have made me smile
Theresa Harris / Linda Hughes Fan Club

Greenwell Realty

Mary Ambrose

Nicole Ricci

Minnesota Paint Horse Association

Nancy Porter

Paul Knoll

D&N Racing in recognition of "Yellow Sheet", part of the broodmare Distaff program

Lou Ambrose in honor of the Sunday Night Crew and

our wonderful leaders Anna and Elisabeth

Megan Noskowiak / GROEBNER for Copper Bowl Ranch-Kendra Horejsi

Dan and Mike Spieker

Becca Scott for Imagery

Justin Revak / Rocket Wrench Racing

"The Backside" – Up to $249 

 Susan Schmidt: Timmy and Gregor

Becca Scott in memory of Billy

The Roslansky Family:  For Kep the Border Collie

 Furlong Sponsors – $100

  Red Jack Ranch in memory of Roger McCloud

Mary Turner Maher remembering Levi and ever grateful for Bunny.

Hair With Us:  Tom and Nancy, thanks for being such great people!

William Kramlinger in honor of Pat Kramlinger's Birthday

Kayla Pawlowski / Story Horse Farm wishes all runners good luck!

Jen Burlingame for Kevin: Best horse ever!

Daniel Nixon for Team Paavo

Elizabeth Haugen for our beloved Kai

Cathie Horejsi in appreciation for Stacey and Toni for all your hours of hard work

and support in This Old Horse

Bonnie Grzeskowiak

MIchelle Hewitt: Rainbows and Unicorns boy Summit walking with us today at the bridge

Becky Robb Hotzler: Welcoming Baby Benthin July 2023!

Jeanne Klein: In memory of Paul Larson

Karen Barcus / Sparkle Armand Jewelry in memory of Champ

Wendy Lane for Galloway and all animals who need respite

Luanne Miller in memory of Babe

OTLB in memory of Susie Beasley

Burdock:  In memory of and missing Chris Klein

Linda Hughes in memory of Scotty Longley

Jeff Bonner

Suzi Wittlief in remembrance of Princess and JJ

Nancy Bologna

Kristin Reinke

Robin Adkins in honor of Rusty

Sue Darrah in memory of Daniel, in honor of Magnolia

Marcia and Cliff Teigen

Pat Galles in memory of Wizard

Jeanne Klein in memory of Chris Klein

Karrie Cable/ Equikare Equine Massage to honor our boy Yankee and his life after racing

Rhonda Arendt in memory of Susie Beasley

Gretchen Eaton in memory of Tigger, Bucky and Missy 

Diane Doheny for Sara and Montana

Becca Scott celebrating the This Old Horse barn kitties!

Becca Scott: Thank you Barn Managers and volunteers!

Mary Finley:  In honor of Finbar, a Hallelujah mustang at Wells Creek!

Melissa Warfield:  I'm a Justice Boy

Mare Jarvis:  Frosty Goodness Picked Me!

Mare Jarvis:  Shelbea-My Wild Heart

Mare Jarvis:  Cassidy--Best Boy on the Planet

Tony Blaha: For the Love of Horses

Katie Long: My beautiful Boo

Roberta Krech in honor of Becky Robb Hotzler

Annette Hawkins

Brenda, Brian, Mara Teter and Daniel Kiral in memory of Monarch, Astrid, Kizz

and Peanut--missed every day. 

Duff's Tavern: Thanks for your support the last 16 years

Kathy Lukin for Tom and Nancy

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