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Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors


“Triple Crown” – $5,000


The Harry L. and Janet M. Kitselman Foundation

Dr. Linda Wolf

Shari Ballard / Best Buy Corporation

“Winner's Circle” – $2,500

Carmen Schall in honor of Gypsy

“Solid Horse” – $1,000 +

James Furlong

Ellen Fredrickson and friends

Team Fortitude:  In memory of Fran Fignar

 “Money Rider” – $500 

Magnusson Veterinary Clinic

Sue Ann Woo in honor of KT Scarlett O'Hara

Nancy Turner in memory of Jack Bishop

Candice Bloom

Fluegel's Lawn Garden and Pet Supply

Jim and Karen Fox

Brent Pederson (our hay guy)

Nina Geneson

TSE, Inc.

“Break Maiden” – $250 

Dr. Robert Harper's Dental Office

Minnesota Paint Horse Association

Lisa Johnson

Meg and Steve Heinz

Laurence Altman, Fortune Financial

Jim & Ann Hughes / Greenwell Realty

Rory Hokens

Rachel Mottet / Purina Animal Nutrition

Vermillion Bank 

Supporting Sponsors – Up to $249 

Constance Dorn

 Furlong Sponsors – $100

Red Jack in memory of Roger McCloud

Pat Colbert

Patty Franson

Mary Turner Maher in memory of Nancy Turner's horse Jack Bishop

Sue Aumer:  Honoring Scarlett and Sue Ann

John and Tamyra Freeman in memory of Jack Bishop

Red Jack in memory of Jack Bishop

With love, Chili and Kim

Becca Scott in memory of Jack Bishop

Kristin Palesch

Team McCloud in memory of Roger McCloud

Bec Hodgin:  Dedicated to friendship:  Kit and Bea

Janet Russell:  Dedicated to Team Trigger Happy

Jean Marie Larson

Janet Russell

Annette Hawkins

Linda Hughes in memory of Oliver

Diane Bipes with thanks to the Heart & Hoof instructors

Patricia Colbert

J. Furlong & Rocky

Carmen Schall for Gypsy

Rita Corrigan

Our In-Kind Partners

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