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Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors


 Red Jack Ranch in memory of Jack Bishop

“Triple Crown” – $5,000

The Bonner Family

AXIS, Inc.

Ann and Edgar Valenti Charitable Trust (in honor of Huck and Indy) 

Candice Bloom 

Mare Jarvis and Michael Meyer

“Winner's Circle” – $2,500+

Johanne Gentlebread 

“Solid Horse” – $1,000

 Carol Pottebaum

Karen Jorgenson

Suzann Mosier

Timothy Wallace

Jean Marie Larson / StarTraks Trakehner:  In loving memory

of Kirov, who left us much too soon!  

Diane Bipes for George. AQHA 'Cissys Hot Comet':  DOB:1987 DOD:2020

  “Money Rider” – $500 +

 Meg and  Steve Heinz

Julie Patton

Claudia Goebel

Lou Ambrose in honor of sweet little Audrey

Becca Scott

OTLB in memory of Susan Coad Beasley

Tom Rhode: St. Paul Bouncing Team

Magnusson Veterinary Services

Alan Gingold

“Break Maiden” – $250 +

Anne M. Carlson Law Office

Teresa Chandler & Wendy Zeller celebrating TOH birthdays - Robert @29 - Jesse @30

Brenda, Brian and Mara Teter and Daniel Kiral in memory of Monarch

Jim Hughes / Greenwell Realty

Heather and Lawrence Kren

Nicole Meyer

Double F Arena:  Home of Famous Illegal Smoke (will start standing 2022 in TX)

"The Backside" – Up to $249 

Susan Goetz 

Piers-Anders C Halversen

Wycislak Trust Giving Fund

Becca Scott in honor of Imagery and his  herd friends

Becca Scott in loving memory of Billy

Mary Flynn for Saints' Girl


Furlong Sponsors – $100

  Red Jack Ranch in memory of Roger McCloud

Nancy Turner in memory of Jack Bishop.  Because of him.

Mary Turner Maher for Bunny and Levi

Tom Rhode in memory of Sweetie

Sheri Pederson: On the Muscle Equine Bodywork

Linda Hughes in memory of Scott Longley

Neil Goldstein in honor of Elle's Boy

Mary Malkerson/ Malkerson  Stables, LLC in honor of Gate Swinger

Patricia Holmgren in memory of Frankie

Pat Galles:  Remembering Wizard

Jeannie Grimes, Mary Kay Independent Consultant in honor of  Gigi Grimes the Gigicorn Champion

David and Susan Conde in honor of Sadie and Dane

Virginia Staudt: TOH-My Happy Place

Jeff Hughes / Grain IQ Co

Frances Brooks in honor of Scoots

Bec Hodgin In honor of Kit and all the TOH blind horses

Luanne Miller

Adam Bedessem / Running Aces

Barb Crea

Bonita Jellinek

Marla Figueroa:  Happy Birthday Gigi!!

Catherine Wurzer

Chris Yungers

Dan Nixon / Team Paavo

Jean LaForce

Jenn Baker in honor of Gigi

Margaret Lew in honor of Gulliver

Joleen Long: Chance

The Blaha family for our Joey (Walkers Memo)

Melanie Wahlquist for all the magnificent horses at The Farm in Farmington!

Ellen Hill in memory of Tom and Martha Hill

Jennifer Burlingame for Kevin, the best horse EVER!

Teresa & Wendy for Sonny, Hira & Legend - Never.   Forgotten

Carol Pruchnofski In Memory of Cole - A Horse with Attitude!

Tom Rhode in memory of Cowboy

Team McCloud in memory of Roger McCloud

Sandra Inselman

Anne Graumann:   For all the old horses, past, present and future!

Terri Williams for the love of Mabel Marie

Kyla Durnford

Catherine Horejsi

Makenzie Raine: For every horse

Carissa Stiefel  for Wonder Pony

Teresa Doran for CARLY, I miss you my 'Spotless Hot Rod"!

Becca Scott in loving memory of Willie Wonka

Patty Germaine in honor of Fiona

Carrie Bina in honor of Maverick, the horse all others will be compared to 

Sherrie Beal in memory of Nugget and Duke

Jeanne Klein in honor of Sis

Katie Long in memory of  Jack, who opened my heart to welcome Boo into my life

Justin Revak:  Rocket Wrench Racing

Cynthia Iverson/ Grateful Bred Stables in honor of Unbridled Moonlight

Audrey Lidke for Zipps Perfect Chip (Millie)

Gloria Gunnink for Dolly

Jennifer Foreman for WH Eagle Bey

Susan Schmidt for Solomon and The Princess

Susan Schmidt in memory of Timmy

Trish Gray: For our old souls Tokata and Willy!

Laura Rydbert / Arandelle Ranch for Somersetslastride

Kendra Hagel-Swanigan for Kaidence and Skip

Diane Bipes in honor of AQHA 'Cause I Can Fly'

Jeff, Liz and Caden in memory of Diane Logue

Eaton's Leanin' Tree Farm in memory of Missy and Tiger

Mary Turner Maher in memory of Levi

Heather Wengerd in honor of Audrey

Johanne Gentlebread for Old Man Mike - Nary Another Mile Shall He Run! 

Jenny Borgerson-Ries in memory of Tegan

David McCaffrey

Rosalie Smith/ Feather Mountain Ranch for Pretty Lil Monster

Eric Berg for Diana

Elaine Schultz for Claire and Lexi

Gerald and Barbara Kiral

Adam Southam / Functional Food Foundation

Kathy Koehler in memory of Roger McCloud, Star Seclusion and Shi Dee Bar

Jill Kusilek:  Way to go!!!

Debra Sasse / Wells Fargo Bank in honor of Gypsy

Kathy and Steve Lukin: God bless Nancy and Tom

Lynne Megan / TSE

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