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Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors


Anne Lindenberg / R. Berta Webb Fund

“Triple Crown” – $5,000


Ann and Edgar Valenti Charitable Trust (in honor of Huck and Indy)

Mare Jarvis and Michael Meyer

 “Winner's Circle” – $2,500+

The Harry L. and Janet M. Kitselman Foundation

Candice Bloom 

Kathryn Strom

“Solid Horse” – $1,000

Dr. Linda Wolf

Diane Bipes in honor of a solid horse, George, born in 1987

The Hill Family in memory of Martha Ruth Hill

John Hill and Tamyra Freeman in honor of Slaythel

Jeanne Barrett

Bob Boddy

Mike Kovanda

  “Money Rider” – $500 +

Russell Kopp & Linda Schaffhausen

Jeanne Grimes

Magnusson Veterinary Clinic

The Beasleys in memory of Susie Beasley

Meg and Steve Heinz

Dorothy Wrobel

Johanne and Donovan Gentlebread in honor of Sidsel, Pemberton and Evie

Jeanne Marie Larson/ Star Traks Trakehners in loving memory of Special K and Tarkenton Q!

Marisa Gallahue, Lacrisha Elliott & Brenden Steber in honor of This Little Horse

“Break Maiden” – $250 +

Curtis Bloomquist in memory of Cowboy

Chris Hoyt in honor of retired St. Paul Police horses  

Javier McQueen Hoyt (Retired SPPD mount) 

Stacy Karkoc

Tom Rhode in memory of Spirit and Bo

Wendy Zeller & Teresa Chandler in memory of Hira

Margaret Lew in honor of Gulliver

MN Saddlebred Association

Laurel Kaufman

Greenwell Realty / Jim Hughes

Todd & Susan Goderstad in honor of Kate & Erik

Cary and Gary Zahrbock

Cathy McLane/ Cathy Connects Communication in celebration of Tokyo & Cricket

Nancy Turner and Tom Rhode in memory of Susie Beasley

Tammy Morse Durden in honor of Indy and in memory of Harwyn

Joy Keating

Supporting Sponsors – Up to $249 

Dan and Mike Spieker

Anonymous in honor of the Hughes Family

Nancy Turner in memory of Jack Bishop

Luanne Miller in memory of Cheryl Foley

Pat Gwynn

Brad Tainter

Kimberley Woodyard

Theresa Bipes Cukla

Nancy Bologna

Becca Scott in honor of Imagery

Paula Bettendorf

Jeanne and Chris Klein in honor of Doc

Laura Teele

Ann Berg

Diane Young & Cathy Bloomquist in memory of Jamaica

Lorraine Maxim

 Furlong Sponsors – $100

 Dana Beasley in memory of Susie Beasley

GS in memory of Poppy and Cowboy

Jeff, Liz & Caden Grossman in memory of Diane Logue

Cary Zahrbock in honor of JP

Gary Zahrbock in honor of JP

Eaton's Leanin' Tree Farm in memory of Missy & Bucky

Sue Gackle in memory of Kai

Brian, Brenda & Mara Teter and Daniel Kiral in memory of Monarch

Jodi Martinez/ Woodland Antiques in honor of Mom & Dad

Mare Jarvis in honor of Sassy Miss Mandy (35 on 5/14)

Mare Jarvis in honor of Deja Blu

Mike Meyer in honor of Cassidy

Terri Strandmo in memory of my old horse Remi

Mary Turner Maher in honor of Bunny

Red Jack Ranch in memory of Roger McCloud

Red Jack Ranch in memory of Kirov

Bec Hodgin in honor of Kit and all the blind  horses

Kathleen Rudnicki

Linda Fritz in memory of my horse Harv

Michael Latour for Muggielly, Matilda and Margarita

The Clow Family for Grammy and Grampy

The Clow Family / Rocky for Grammy and Grampy

Linda Hughes in memory of Scott Longley

Susan Jolitz in memory of I-Rodger

Miki Johner/ Addie Lane Floral

Mel Wahlquist /Armour in memory of Dallas

Horse & Harley Farm in honor of 'The Girls'

VMS Designs / Top of the Hill Farm

Hannah Adams

Mark and Michelle McCarty

Patti Combs

Gail Frame

Gerald Nelson

Melanie Snead

Tracie Will

Toni Blaha in honor of Sharon Isenberg

Dan Nixon for Team Paavo

Debbie Melrose

Toni Halfmann

Lacrisha Elliott in honor of Corey and Superman

Marisa Gallahue in honor of Huck and Douglas

Lacrisha Elliott & Marisa Gallahue in honor of Owen and Lightning

Charles Duddingston

Charlene Venne

Ellen Hill in memory of Tom and Martha Hill
Becca Scott in loving memory of Willy Wonka

Becca Scott in loving memory of Billy
Donn Anderson  "Andy"

Karen Brenteson

Bill and Josie Axness

Martha Shipp

Connie Robinson

David Bressoud

Mary Kay Dorgan

Robyn Buenz

Lucas Deplazes

Deb Sasse

Susan Kopher

Patty Germaine in honor of  Fiona

Robert Manning:  a fan in memoriam of Barbaro

Lynn Splittgerber

Rob and Melanie Wynne

Bettie Schardt Halverson

Katie Long in loving memory of Jack and in honor of Boo

The Doheny family for Sara who came from This Old Horse

She is enjoying her new life with us. We love her!

Tom Rhode in memory of Sweetie

Tom Rhode in memory of Cowboy

Jan Cioci

 Kimberly Milhaupt in memory of my mom, Carol Jary-Kamps, who had a love for horses!

Connie Van Keuren

Gerald and Barbara Kiral

Joan Nesser

Diane Stoffel

Jan McNelly

Jennifer Gallagher

Margaret Todd

Jen, Paul & Charlotte Burlingame in honor of Mini Kevin

Kris Root

Anne Carlson

Tanya Johnson

Kimberly Engle

Brenda Curtin

Sandy Daly

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